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November 22, 2015

My introduction for another "hidden-beauty" small town is "Hamanaka" town, located as a part of Akkeshi Distrcit, Hokkaido.   There is another Marsh, so-called "Kiritappu Shitsugen" nearby Hamanaka town.  Kiritappu Marsh is relatively smaller than Kushiro Marsh, where is located in the eastern side of Kushiro, which I already introduced earlier.  


Please see some information related to Hamanaka town and Kiritappu Marsh as below.


1. Basic Infomation:


- The Total Area:  423,600km2

- The Population: 6,228 (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  14.7 persons / km2

- Railway:  Hamanaka station, JR Nemuro Main Line

- Bus:  Kushiro Bus Network

- Airport:  Kushiro Domestic Airport


2. Main Industries:


2-1  Daily Farming:  


- Particularly for raw materials for making Ice Cream is popular (the actual supplier for Haagen-Dazs)

- Also supplying for many famous restaurants in Hokkaido area


2-2  Fishery:


- Especially for Natural Sea Kelp is one of the best in Japan


3. The recommended spots for sightseeing in "Kiritappu area":


3-1 Kiritappu Marsh:


This Marsh is 3rd largest in Japan, after Kushiro and Sarobetsu Marhes.  Its overall area is 3,168ha, where the locations is between Namuro and Kushiro cities in the eastern part of Hokkaido.  


The speciality of Kiritappu Marsh is called "variety of wild flower marsh, which is somehow different from other marshes.  Many different types of flowers can be seen in Spring and in Autumn.  


The main flowers available there are: -

- Skunk cabbage , white (June)

- Fritillaria , dark purple (June)

- Cotton grass , white fluff real (June-July)

- Hime Astragali iris, blue-violet (July)

- Ezokanzou, yellow (July)

- Roh iris , red purple (July)

- Hermanus , red (July)

- Ezorindou , blue (September)


3-2  Kritappu Cape:


The Kiritappu between Nemuro and Akkeshi there is little protruding peninsula in the Pacific Ocean coast. The tip of the peninsula is Kiritappu cape. This Kiritappu Cape was used to be connected with the mainland of Hokkaido by sandbar originally, thereafter it was split into a divided island effected by the tsunami of 1960 Chile earthquake.


The visitors can also make camping there in the parking lot near the tip of Kiritappu cape.  It is not possible to go to the tip of the Kiritappu cape, but you can walk around there at Kiritappu cape tip and cliff.  The Biwase Bay can be seen in 360-degree wide over Pacific Ocean from the observatory deck located near the tip. It is well known as an attraction of fog by name, and it is hard to have a clear sky, while you are visiting there.  


3-3  Azechi Cape:


There is another cape, so-called "Azechi Cape", which is a smaller-sized peninsular that protrudes toward the west side of the 20-minute Kiritappu peninsula walk to Biwasewan from the city.  You can enojoy to see the kelp fishing in the Bay Biwase and kelp fishing as a northern traditional atmosphere. In additon, vaerious wild flowers can be seen there in the summer.


3-4  Kiritappu Onsen:


There is one Onsen-cum-Health Centre built in the middle of Hamanaka town, where you can enjoy a nice scenery toward Pacific ocean and Kiritappu Marsh.   You can also relax yourself in the hot-spring bath for peace and comfort in mind.


3-5  Biwase Observatory Deck:


If you go up to the Biwase Observatory Deck at the top of a small hill (70m high), you can have 360-degree Panorama view on Kiritappu Marsh along with Biwase River running through in the centre of Kiritappu Marsh.  It is really wonderful landscape view from there that you can enjoy.



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