The "Hidden-Beauty" Small Towns / Villages in Japan - Hokkaido / Kiyosato Town

November 4, 2015

As my second recommidation for a "hidden-beauty" small town in Japan, I would like to introduce Kiyosato town in Hokkaido.   As per the website ( of  Japanese government (MAFF; the Ministry of Agreculture, Forestry and Fisheries), some key information related to Kiyosato town is as below.


Kiyosato town located in Shari District, Hokkaido, Japan.  


1. Basic Infomation:

- The Total Area:  402.76km2

- The Population: 4,319 (as of 2015)

- The Desity of Population:  10.8 persons / km2

- Railway:  Kiyosato station, JR Senmo Main Line

- Bus:  Shari Bus Network

- Airport:  Memanbetsu Domestic Airport or Nakashibetsu Domestic Airport


2. Main Industries - Agriculture

Selected as one of the best 20 farming scenic beauty in Japan.


3. The recommended spots in Kiyosato town:


-  Auto Camping:  Kiyosato town is one of the best camping places in Hokkaido, if you love to travel and move around with a camping car.  There is Kiyosato's Auto camping park.


- Sharidake:  1,547m height.  One of the best 100 great mountains in Japan.  Natural Park.  Volcano mountain at Shiretoko Peninsular.  If you visit Sharidake in summer, you can feel so cooling and refreshing, while you can enjoy a winter-scenery for a snow-decorated Sharidake mountain. 


- Lake Mashuko:   If you stand and view from the hilltop of Uramashuko Observation Deck over Lake Mashuko, you shall really appreciate the great scenery of such an untouched nature's beauty.


- Kawayu Onsen:  Kawayu Onsen was orignally named as "high-temperatured hot-spring place.   It is unique Onsen location, of which river has a hot stream passing in the centre of Kawayu Onsen town.  The foot SPA is also available for tourists for free.


- Kaminoko Pond:  220m (Round-Distance).  5m (Water Depth).  Very mysterious "emerald-blue"  colour.  High transparency.  



You may conside to plan your visit to Kiyosato town, located in the western part of Hokkaido, where there are a plenty of untouched natural resounces remain near Shiretoko Peninsular.  




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