New Discovery in Japan - OKINAWA Prefecture in KYUSHU Region

August 17, 2015

What do you guess are the top 3 charms for Okinawa itself that Japanese people have?  It is based on the survey done in Japan in 2014.  


- No. 1        Beautiful Seas

- No. 2        Abundant Natures

- No. 3        Warm Weather


The above top 3 actually takes up more than 80% of all the votes.  As per the survey result, the most of people are attracted by extremely beautiful seas and marine natures.  More tourists in Japan tend to head to those small islands other than the main Okinawa islands, because they look for much more beautiful and clean seas, available with a plentify of coral reefs.




The below are some of popular small islands that people like to go to and stay for their holidays nowadays.


- Ishigaki Island

- Miyako Island

- Iriomote Island

- Taketomi Island

- Kouri Island

- Kohama Island

- Hateruma Island

- Takashiki Island




Nowadays more international direct flgiths to Okinawa from other countries are available: - 


- from/to Taipei

- from/to Tainan

- from/to Soul

- from/to Pusan

- from/to Hong Kong

- from/to Shanghai

- form/to Beijing


If you fly from Singapore, you may fly into Haneda or Narita international airport in Tokyo.  Otherwise, you may also consider to fly into Fukuoka airport in Kyushu.  Then, you would transit into Naha domesic airport. If you like to go to those small islands, you can take a short flight available from Naha airport to local airports at individual small islands.




< Kabira Bay, Ishigaki Island >





< Nishihama Beach, Hateruma Island >





< Nishiomote Island >





< Miyakojima Island >





< Kohama Island >





< Hateruma Island >





< How to get Okinawa and other small islands? >




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