New Discovery in Japan - YAKUSHIMA (Kagoshima Prefecture) in KYUSHU Region

August 16, 2015

Yakushima is a small island in the southern side of Kagoshima mainland, in 60km away from Sata misaki (Sata Cape) on Osumi Peninsular.  The total land space is only 504km2 with 28km (east-west) and 24km (north-south).  90% of total land space is taken up by forests and Miyanoura-dake (Mt. Miyanoura), the highest mountain with 1,936m high, is located in the middle of Yakushima Island.




Yakushima Island has a plentiful natural resources such as highlands, rivers, waterfalls, forests, which are all untouched natures kept well.  Especially they remains as primeval forest, which are more than a few thousand years history.  With en exceptional nature's beauty, Yakushima Island was officially designated by UNESCO World Nature's Heritage Site in 1993.  




At whichever places in Yakushima you visit,  you could find a lot of unusual natural treasures, which become very valuable today.   The following places in Yakushima Island are strongly recommended for your visit: - 


- Shiratani Unsuikyo (Gorge)

- Mononoke Hime no Mori (Forest)

- Yakusugi Land (Forest)

- Jomon Sugi (Cedar Tree)

- Kigen Sugi (Cedar Tree)

- Okawa no Taki (Falls)

- Senbiro no Taki (Falls)

- Seibu Rindo (Forest Route)

- Yakushima Todai (Lighthouse)



The logistic routes to Yakushima Island are : - 


- To fly to Yakushima Airport either from Kagoshima, Fukuoka or Osaka Airports.  It is 30-min flight from Kagoshima airport.

- To take a speed-boat from Kagoshima in 105 min

- To take a local ferry from Kagoshima in 4 hours



If you love those untouched & ancient-time natures, you may consider to make a travel plan to Yakushima in the near future.





< Shiratani Unsuikyo (Gorge) >




< Mononoke Hime no Mori (Forest) >




< Jomon Sugi (Cedar) >




< Senbiro no Taki (Waterfall) >




< Seibu Rindo (West-side Forest Route) >





< Yakushima Island - Access > 





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