New Discovery in Japan - KAGOSHIMA Prefecture in KYUSHU Region

August 15, 2015

Kagoshima is giving me not only large and dynamic but also firm and stable impressions.  Sakura-jima is the most impressive figure to represent Kagoshima's strong image.  




Sakura-jima is actually a small island and the most of the island's space is taken up by the active volcano mountain, "Sakura-jima".   Sakura-jima was used to be an island without any land connection with the mainland Kagoshima, until the latest eruption in 1914.  The island has 77km² space with 12km (east-west) & 10km (north-south).   Sakura-jima is well known to not only Japan but also to the world as an active valcano mountain for a giological study.




The best route to Sakura-jima is to take a ferry in 15-min ride from Kagoshima Ferry Terminal to Sakura-jima port.  If you drive a car, it is the best to go to Sakura-jima by ferry.  Once you reach Sakura-jima, you may drive a car to go up to Yunohira hill-top for the nearest view point to Nakadake of Sakura-jima.




Other than Sakura-jima, you should also move around in Kagoshima to visit: - 


- Kirishima Shrine is located in the northern side of Kagoshima on Kirishima highland ranges.  The shrine was built in the 6th century to worship one of the oldest Japanese God,  "Ameno nigishiku ninigishi amatsuhikohikohono ninigi", in connection with Takachiho Shrine as an important Japanese Shinto worship.


- Sengan-en is located near from Kagoshima station.  Sengan-en was used to be the second house of the Satsuma Samurai Master, Shimazu Shogun during Edo period.  There is a nice-view Japanese garden and you can look at Sakura-jima in the back. 


- Kaibun-dake is so-called as "Satsuma Fuji", since it looks like Mt. Fuji, but its height is just 924m.  It is located in Ibusuki city in the southern side of Kagoshima prefecture.  You can also view a nice lake, Ikeda Lake, which has a beautiful flower garden in front, hence, you can enjoy the best combined view for Kaibun-dake, Ikeda Lake and flower garden together.


- Ibusuki Onsen is also located in Ibusuki city and it is very different from other hot-spring Onsens in Japan. Instead of going into hot-spring water, you are laid down in the beach under hot-steam sands.  This is so-called "Ibusuki-style" Onsen.  




There are a lot of attractive places in Kagoshima prefeecture in the southern part of Kyushu, hence, you may consider to spend your holidays in Kagoshima for a few days in the near future.




< Sakura-jima's view from Shiroyama Hill-top >





< Sakura-jima's view from Yunohira Hill-top >






< Kirishima Jingu >





< Sengan-en >





< Kaibun-dake with Ikeda Lake >





< Ibusuki Onsen > 





< How to get Sakura-jima in Kagoshima? >







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