New Discovery in Japan - MIYAZAKI Prefecture in KYUSHU Region

August 14, 2015

When I think about Miyazaki, I don't have any doubt to select Takachiho for my recommendation, which I think is the most represented for Miyazaki. 



I personally think that Takachiho is a very special place in Japanese-Shinto worshipped history.   According to Japanese Mythology, "Amaterasu-Omikami", who is called as an original God of Japanese Royal Family, ever ordered "Ninigi no Mikoto" (another Japanese God) to reign the acient-time Japan as a country and then "Ninigi no Mikoto" landed on Takachiho, currently located in Miyazaki.



When I visited Takachiho, I had a special feeling that the place was quite different from normal sightseeing places and there seemed like specially spiritual power or energy.  Even I went down to Takachihokyo (Gorge), it seemed quite a holy impression given to me, while I was surrounded by forests, rivers and falls. This is not only by look, but also by nature's sounds & cooling air.  Especially, while I was looking up for the Gorge at the river level, I couldn't explain so easily why?



You can take some time to walk around Takachihokyo along the river to visit several nicely scenic places such as Takachiho Shrine, Amano Iwato Shrine, Amano Yasugawara and so on.   You should have a certain special feeling that I ever had.  One of the best way to get such a special feeling is to rent a small boat and go down the river.  You are very impressed with very high rockwalls, of which height is approx. 80 - 100m can be seen in 7km distance.  The best seasons to make a visit is either a nice greenery view in summer or leave colour changes in autumn season.



You can also enjoy to see a traditional Japanese dance (Kagura in Japanese) at Takachiho Shrine, which is held at 8pm every night.  At night, some light-up celemony definitely gives you different atmospheres and images.  You may see the dance very uniquely, but your photo-taking would be one of the best memories during your holidays in Japan.



Please remember to plan your visit to Takachihokyo, when you have a chance to go to Miyazaki or Kyushu on holiday.



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