New Discovery in Japan - KUMAMOTO Prefecture in KYUSHU Region

August 13, 2015

In my personal opinion, Mt. Aso is the best representative image for Kumamoto prefecture.   Mt. Aso has so dynamic and brave figure, hence, the basic image of Mt. Aso is more masculine.  To me, it is not only a strong impression, but it is rather much firm and matured image, hence, everything can be warmly hold and kept in the nature.



If you already had experiences to go round Mt. Aso, you could feel that you are hold by highland mountains with 360 degree so gently.  You may observe that everything become a part of giantic Mt. Aso mountain natures, including farming animals in the mountain slopes.  Hence, I can guarantee that you can really enjoy your holiday break there, by forgetting your hetic daily working life at your home country. 



1. You may try to go up to Daikanbo for the best scenic view, while you may feel so peaceful when you go to Kusasenrigahama's hilltop.  


2. You can also try to visit a nice waterfall, "Nabegataki" in summer, so that you can feel very cooling and refresh.  It is located near Oguni town, Aso-gun.


3. You may also try to visit a real nature's world in the forest, which is called Kikuchi Gorge with a cooling river stream with a plenty of greenery natures.  It is located near the border of Aso and Kikuchi cities.



Please enjoy Mt. Aso's dynamic figure and atmosphere during your holidays.



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