New Discovery in Japan - OITA Prefecture in KYUSHU Region

August 12, 2015

The image on Yufuin is quite mysterious for an early-morning mist staying at the bottom of Yufuin valley, especially from autumn to winter season.   Even you stay at one of Onsen Ryokan in Yufuin and try to wake up at 4am in the very early morning, you may pay off to catch such a valued opportunity during your traveling.



Yufuin valley is surrounded by several highland mountains such as Amagoi-dake, Kuraji-yama, Shiroga-dake, Takao, Noine-dake, Cult-yama and Fukuman-zan.    At the bottom of the valley, there is the River Oita, of which waters are often refridgerated and then vaporised in the air during the cold season.  It stays at the bottom of the valley and then becomes mist or fog being spread in the air. Eventually, it looks like a large lake appealing in the Yufuin valley.  The best view spot on Yufuin mist in the valley is Sagiri hill-top point on the middle of the so-called "Yamanami Highway" in Oita.  



Another great scenery spot on the early morning mist is the Lake, "Kinrinko".  Actually, it is a 400m-round-length pond, which is flown into from 5 different small streams.  Some of the streams are actually hot-spring and due to a big temparature difference on the surface of the pond, Kinrinko can be seen mysteriously with a certain mist phenomenon in the early morning.  



Let's try to wake up in the very early morning to catch this phenomenon, when you visit Yufuin.




< Early Morning Mist in Yufuin - 1 >




< Early Morning Mist in Yufuin - 2 >





< Early Morning Mist at Kinrinko >





< How to get Yufuin, Oita? >




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