New Discovery in Japan - NAGASAKI Prefecture (1) in KYUSHU Region

August 11, 2015

I would like to pick up Kujukushima for my recommendation in Nagasaki traveling.  The reaons is there are so many attractive places in Kujukushima.  Definitely, the bay view is so beautiful and dynamic.  There are several good view spots for Kujukushima Bay from the below hill-tops.


- Tenkaiho

- Ishi-Dake

- Funakoshi

- Yumihari-Dake

- Reisui-Dake  

- Udogoe

- Takashima Bandake

- Nagushiyama



Secondly, Shirahama is so beautiful and clean, which can impress you as a sea holiday resort in summer.


Thirdly, Tenkaiho is not only a view point, and also has a greatly scenic flower garden on the hill top.


Fourthly, you can also see a impressive view on strong tide flow under Saikaibashi bridge.


Lastly, definitely a variety of seafoods are available in Kujukushima bay area and you can enjoy freshness and high-quality of fishes & sea-shells available locally.



I strongly like to recommend that you try to visit Kujukuri Bay in Nagasaki, when you have a holiday pan for Kyushu.



< Kujukushima - Beautiful Bay >




< Shirahama Kaigan - White-Sand Beach >




< Beautiful Cosmos Flowers at Tenkaiho >




< High-Speed Tide Flow under Saikaibashi with Chery Blossom View > 




< Fresh Oysters & Seafoods available at Kujukujima > 




< How to get Kujukushima, Nagasaki? >



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