New Discovery in Japan - SAGA Prefecture in KYUSHU Region

August 9, 2015

I personally think that it is one of the most traditional handicraft arts in SAGA, which is the best-known "Imari" & "Arita" porcelain wares.   I can't miss to introducd to you about this valued art which Japan is proud of over the world.



Back to Edo period in 1660, Nabeshima clan in SAGA was to try to make special gifts to Tokugawa Shogun by setting up a porcelain handicraft work factory at Ouchi area in SAGA.    At that time, those porcelain wares made at the work factory were not disctributed for a public use, and it was only produced for a purpose of gifts to Tokugawa Shogun and other importantly-related Samurai masters as well as for Nabeshima clan's use.  In this sense, Nabeshima porcelain ware was then assessed as one the best quality-wares in Japan, being completely different from other porcelain products.  



Nabeshima porcelain Kamamoto (work factory) was completely closed after Meiji Restoration, however, it is fortunate that its' artistic technics have been taken over until today.  




 < Imari, Nabeshima Plate >






< Imari, Nabeshima Plate >



Other than Imari ware, there is another famous porcelain ware at Arita area.  The extremely famous brand is "Sakaida Kakiemon".   Since 1660 EDO period, every genreatino of "Sakaida" family has been appointed to take over of the master position of Sakaida Kaiemon.  Currently, it became 15th generation to take care of the traditional handicarft arts.  



Kakiemon style, mainly to describe flowers and birds with specific colours of red, yellow, green, and blue and purple and gold. Compared to other famous porcelain wares such as Imari-Nabeshima and Kanazawa-Kutani wares, Kakiemon products provides much more softer and warmer images.




< Arita, Kakiemon Plate >






< Arita, Kakiemon Base >



When you have a chance to travel to Kyushu, I really like to recomend you to visit Imari and Arita areas in SAGA prefecture, have a look at and appreicate a high-quality of Japanese traditional handicraft arts. Please don't miss the opportunity.   You may refer to the below access map to Imari and Arita cities.




 < Where is Imari and Arita cities in SAGA >






















< How to get Imagi & Arita? > 



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