New Discovery in Japan - FUKUOKA Prefecture in KYUSHU Region

August 8, 2015

There are many famous "YATAI" (Hwaker-style simple store) places in Japan, and Fukuoka is one of the best-known places.   I think the reason why Fukuoka became so popular was based on traditional food cultures in Fukuoka.  Especially Fukuoka has been famous for Ramen.  Japanese office workers like to get together to go for dinners & drinks after office hour.  After dinner is over, they prefer to fill in their stomach before going home at late night.  Then, YATAI has been so popular to suit their needs in simple ways and at very reasonable prices.



In general, the number of YATAI stores were increased and became so popluar after World War II, all over Japan.  Many stores were opened mainly in such big cities as Tokyo and Osaka.  Fukuoka was not exceptional, and they are well maintained until today.  Nowdays YATAI became a symbol to promote tourism of Fukuoka / Hakata.   Hakata's Yatai stores usually provide customers with 


- Ramen

- Oden (Japanese Yong Tofu in Hot Pot)

- Motsu Nabe (Chicken's organs in Hot Pot)

- Yakitori (Japanese Chicken Satay)

- Teppan-Yaki 

- Tempura



I want to share with you on some recommendation from a certain website which was written for the best YATAI stores Hakata, Fukuoka.  There are mainly three popular places for YATAI stores in Hakata city.  


1.  NAKASU Area:


- ICHIRYU                                                 Ramen & Oden (Japanese Yong Tofu)

- YAMACHAN                                           Ramen & Oden

- DONRYU                                                Ramen

- YAMAKO                                                Ramen and others


2.  NAGAHAMA Area:





3.  TENJIN Area:


- KOKIN CHAN                                         Ramen and others

- OKAMOTO                                             Ramen and others

- TOMO CHAN                                          Ramen



Should you have a chance to be in Fukuoka, you shouldn't miss to go to YATAI stores in Hakata city.  You should be able to enjoy the atmosphere and communication with local people by a certain body language.




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