New Discovery in Japan - KOCHI Prefecture in SHIKOKU Region

August 6, 2015

There are the best-known rivers with clear & clean stream located in Kochi prefecture.  One is "SHIMANTO" River and another one is "Niyodo" River.   Why are these rivers well known in Japan?



Shimanto River is called as the last clear-stream river in Japan, while Niyodo River is not yet well known to people.   Shimanto River is the 2nd longest (196m length) within Shikoku region after Yoshino River, while Niyodo River is 3rd longest with 124m length.   There are total 47 bridges built over Shimanto River, while 18 main bridges over Niyodo River.  



Shimanto River was selected as one of the best 3 clear-stream rivers in Japan as well as one of the best 100 great rivers.    On the other hand, Niyodo River was acknowledged as the best-quality water river by the nationalwide investigation in Japan.



Both rivers have a plenty of natural resources such as various types of shrimps, eels, fishes being available nowdays.  Therefore, all the visitors coming here are required to maintain a good quality of river water and protect surrounding environment well.   It is getting more important for everyone to make disciplinary commitment to take care of natures and envrionment.  



Although the logisitc could be a challenge for foreign tourists, it might be worthwhile to try to visit there, so that you can see and feel by yourself as to how important currently-lesser natural environment should be taken care of.   You will definitely gain valued experiences from there.  



In term of logisitcs, the best way to go there is to fly from Haneda airport to Kochi airport.  Once your arrival, you take Airport Limousine Bus to Kochi JR station and then take JR train to Nakamura station.  The overall estimated transporation time from Kochi Airport is approximately 2.5 hours.




< Shimanto River, Kochi >





< Shimanto River, Kochi >






< Niyodo River, Kochi >





< Niyodo River, Kochi >




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