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August 5, 2015

Since it is the month of August right now, I would like to select specific topic related to Summer-Season event in Tokushima.  It is definitely to introduce about "Awaodori" summer dancing festival.  



Awaodori is the largest and most famous summer festival dance in Japan.  Every year more than 1,300 thousands of tourists from all over Japan come and see such a dynamic-scaled summer festival dancing parade.  



The festival is usually held at several locations in Tokushima around the middle of August every year. In the ancient time, Tokushima area was used to be called as "AWA", while Odori is meant for Dancing.    It is not clearly defined as to how Awaodori had started in the history, however, there are several old views for the origin of Awaodori.



Various dancing groups participate in the festival every year to make up for one of the greatest summer (Bon) dancing festival in Japan.  The active & strong images are given by Men's dancing group, while the elegant & feminine impressions are produced by women's dancing group.   



Based on Japanese traditional music instruments such as Shamisen , drums , Shoko and Shinobue, the so-called "Ren", dancing groups, will walk to dance. By singing contiuously like, "Eraiyaccha, Eraiyaccha, Yoiyoiyoi, Odoru Aho ni Miru Aho, Onaji Aho nara Odorana Son Son".  In English, it is said that let's come and dance together or see our dancing together;  Otherwise, you may miss having such a great fun.  



For the past 50 years, Awaodori festival has been extended into other prefectures and it has become much more popular all over Japan, like Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama.  This year in 2015, Awaodori festival further became more global and was actually introduced in Paris, France in May.



If you like to see the original Awaodori festival in Tokushima, you may check with the committee in Tokushima on the actual festival schedule this year.


When: August 12-15, 6:00pm - 10:30pm
Inquiries: Call the Tokushima City Tourism Association at 088-622-4010.




< General Assembly - Awaodori Parade > 








< Men's Dancing Team in Awaodori Parade >







< Women's Dancing Team in Awaodori Parade > 



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