New Discovery in Japan - EHIME Prefecture in SHIKOKU Region

August 4, 2015

What is the attractions for Ehime in my mind?  



I used to visit Ehime quite often last time, hence, I have somehow special feelings on Ehime.  That's why I dare to ask myself about reasons.  Of course, It is not so easy for me to describe and list up the reasons one by one.  It tends to be rather feelings for them.



15 to 25 years ago I used to go there for business trips.  I used to fly into Narita International Airport, move to Haneda Airport where the most of domestic flights were only available there, not at Narita.  After I moved to Haneda Airport, I took flights to Matsuyama Airport.  Once I reached Matsuyama Airport, then, someone residing locally used to pick me up by car and drove to southern part of Ehime.  



In term of logistic time, it took 7 hours to reach from Singapore to Narita.  It was 1.5-hour Airport Limousine bus ride from Narita to Haneda.   The domestic flight time from Haneda to Matsuyama was slightly less than 1.5-hour.  Of course, all the waiting time for the flight was not included in.  Thereafter, I had to be continuously patient inside a car for further 3.5-hour to reach my final destination, which is called "Ipponmatsu" town at a country-side.  I never exactly calculated the total hours of transportation time since Singaproe.  It might be approximately 20 hours from my house in Singapore to my final destination in Ehime.  If this is the trip to US, it could be a possible case. Howeve, you may not be able to imagine how it actually happened to Japan trip.  



It is all my sentimental memories while I was traveling to Ehime last time.   Especially, it was an excitment for me, while I had meals in Ehime.  Ehime is abundant with a variety of seafoods, since it faces Seto-Naikai (Seto Inner Sea).  In particular, Matsuyama is popular for small & medium-sized fish cusines.   One of the best-known speciality is that people called "Seki-Saba" and "Seki-Aji". The sea-current flow is so strong in the area between Ehime and Oita, hence, people say that the fishes there are quite active and fish meats are well balanced, thus, people like to come and eat the fishes from this area.  Any types of cooking styles are all very good, either raw fishes, sushi, soy-source-basis cooked fishes, or grilled fishes.  There is also speciality of fish cakes made with small fishes captured from Seto-Naikai.  The fish case is called, in general, "Jako-ten", which is meant for small-fish tempura.  It was really delicious!



Also, I rememer that I had liked to go into very local Udon shops at lunch time near Uwajima area.  It was given many choices to select any topping on a noddle bowl at stores.  It was quite reasonable price, but it was really tasty and good to fill in my stomach.  



< Tai Kama Meshi & Kinki NItsuke >


























< Seki-Saba Sashimi and Seki-Aji Sushi >

























< Small Fishes > 







< Jako-Ten >








< Udon's Topping Selection at Daisuke Udon Store >








< A Big Udon Bowl with a Variety of Toppings >







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