New Discovery in Japan - KAGAWA Prefecture in SHIKOKU Region

August 3, 2015

When I try to think about Kagawa, I came up in mind to introduce about Sanuki Udon.  There are some other famour topics related to Kagawa, however, I don't think I can miss out Sanuki Udon to talk about Kagawa Prefecture, which is one of the most popular topics in Japan.


Today I would like to share with you as to how to make "Sanuki" Udon manually.   This recipe is to refer to "Nakno Udon School" web site,


Let's enjoy to make and eat your own Sanuki Udon.



1.  To prepare the food materials


- wheat flour  (500g)

- clean water

- rough sault


Note:  The best ratio is salt (1) vs water (9 - 15), subject to seasons.



2.  To mix well wheat flour, salt and water



3.  To knead it well














4. To keep stepping on the materials for 5 - 7 min, after putting into a plastic bag



5.  To keep it in a square shape



6.  To put into a plastic bag and leave it for 3 hours at minimum and 1 day at best














7.  To store it into a fridge (4 - 5 day at maximum)



8.  To extend it into a thinner dough (3mm thickness) with a wooden rolling pin



9.  To cut into thinnest pieces of noddles with 3 - 4 mm width by a sharp knife














10.  To put noddles into a hot boiling water



11.  To boild noddles left with somehow slight hardness



12.  To wash noddles with clean water














13.  To enjoy your own made Sanuki Udon


- to put a raw egg or half-boild egg

- to put spring onions & dry seawed

- to put raw soy source

- to mix up all well


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