New Discovery in Japan - SHIMANE Prefecture in CHUGOKU Region

July 7, 2015

Foreign toursits might be more aware of Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture, but might not be another historic Shinto Shrine in Shimane prefecture, which is called "Izumo Taisha".



The official name is Izumo Oyashiro, but in general it is more known to people that it is called as Izumo Taisha.  It is said that it be the oldest shrine in Japan with approximate 1500-year long history.  The main hall (Honden) was built in 1744, which is registered as a National Treasure by Japanese government.  Izumo Taisha is the largest-sized shrine structure in Jpaan.



With a huge land area of more than 16 hectares, Izumo Taisha is surrounded by ancient pine and other trees.  The design of the main hall is based on the earliest style of architecture known in Japan and is in the form of an ancient dwelling.    



One of Izumo Grand Shrine's God is Okuninushi-no-Mikoto, the Shinto deity of marriage.   The most of visitors like to come here to pray for fortunes in finding a good partner or to celebrate their new or current marriage.



Basically, the inner side of Izumo Taisha is not shown to the public, even for royal family members.  The main hall (Honden) is supposed to be rebuilt every 60 years and there could have a chance for be shown to the public at that time.



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< Izumo Taisha >




< Izumo Taisha >




< Izumo Taisha >




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