New Discovery in Japan - HIROSHIMA Prefecture in CHUGOKU Region

July 6, 2015


The "Ikutsushima Shrine" in Hiroshima was so-called the "Floating Shrine in the Sea", particularly for the main "Torii" (The Gateway to the Shrine) being built in the bay, 200m away from the land.   In other word, people call the place "Miyajima", which became the more popular name.  The Shrine was built in the year of 593, and it is the headquarter of approximate 500 Ikushima Shrines all over Japan.




The "Ikutsushima Shrine" was officially designated as UNESCO World Historic Heritage Site In 1996.  And the Theathre Stage is the  National Treasures and also a number of National Important Cultural Treasures. The Theatre Stage in the Shrine was selected as one of the best-known 3 traditional stages in Japan, and also the Main Torii with 16m height was called as one of the top 3 Great Toriis in Japan.




The Shrine and The Torii could be seen like "Floating in the Sea" at high tide level, while it looks differently at low tide level.  You may be able to walk toward the Main Torii at low tide as you see the below photos.  Therefore, you may appreciate not only long historic & Japanese Shinto values but also mysterious images & impression by the complication of the Shrine and Seascape.





< Ikutsushima Shrine at Low-Tide Level >





< Ikutsushima Shrine at High-Tide Level >




 < The Torii (The Gateway to the Shrine) at Low-Tide Level >




< The Torii (The Gateway to The Shrine) at High-Tide Level >




< The Top-View on Itsukushima Shrine >




< The Guide on Ikutsushima Shrine >



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