New Discovery in Japan - TOTTORI Prefecture in CHUGOKU Region

July 5, 2015


Can you imagine why Japan actually has a few sand dunes, although a basic climate in Japan is categorised as "Wet Subtropical Cliamte type with four seasons?




Tottori Sand Dunes is one of a few locations and it is the largest sand dunes in Japan.  It has 16-km length (for the east-west direction) and 2.4km length (for the north-south direction) along with Japan Sea.  It is also a part of the Sanin Kaigan National Park.




The sand dunes were created over thousands of years, as sand from the nearby Sendaigawa River was washed out to sea and eventually redeposited along the coast by the ocean's currents.   The constant movement of the tides and the coastal winds continuously shape the sand dunes and provide an ever changing landscape.




In winter, you can experience a very beautiful snow carpet over the Sand Dunes.  You may feel totally differently from the view in Spring & Summer.




You can enjoy an additional tour on the back of a camel or in a horse-drawn carriage.   As well,  you can also try to play with paragliding and sandboarding.




< Day Light at Tottori Sand Dunes >




< The Sunrise at Tottori Sand Dunes >




< The Snow Carpet at Tottori Sand Dunes >




< How do you get Tottori Sand Dunes? >




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