New Discovery in Japan - WAKAYAMA Prefecture in KINKI / KANSAI Region

July 2, 2015


When I talk about Wakayama related to the Kii Peninsular today,  I would like to select the topic of "The Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range", which is officially registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year of 2004.  This site is actually covering not only Wakayama prefecture but also include other prefectures of Nara and Mie.  In particular, 



1. Wakayama Area:    


- The Sacred Sites in Mt. Koya

- The Sacred Sites of Kumano Sanzan (3 shinto shrines)

- Some part of Kumano Pilgrimage Routes

- Some part of Koya Pilgrimage Routes

- Some part of Omine Okugake Pilgrimage Routes


2. Nara Area:


- The Sacred Sites in Mt. Yoshino

- The Sacred Sites in Mt. Omine

- Some part of Kumano Pilgrimage Routes

- Some part of Omine Okugake Pilgrimage Routes


3. Mie Area:


- Some part of Kumano Pilgrimage Routes

- The Sacred Sites in Kumano Sanzan




< Kogobuji Temple / Mt. Koya >





< The Rock Garden at Kongobuji Temple / Mt. Koya >






< Kumano Hongu Taisha >





<  Kumano Old Path >









< How do you get there? >





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