New Discovery in Japan - NARA Prefecture in KINKI / KANSAI Region

July 1, 2015


Nara is another ancient place similar to Kyoto, and has many historic temples & shrines.  Nara Era had lasted for 84 years, which are pretty short, compared to other ancient time periods.  Nara Era was built after Asuka Era and before Heian Ara.   Nara Era was built by Emperor "Genmei" and the Imperial Place was transferrred to "Heijokyo" in Nara in the year of 794.



Nara was officially registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site under the name of "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara" in 1998.  There are total 8 important sites included in the World Heritage Site designation.


1.  Todaiji Temple                           National Treasures

2.  Kofukuji Temple                         National Treasures


3.  Kasuga Taisha                           National Treasures


4.  Gankoji Temple                          National Treasures


5.  Yakushiji Temple                        National Treasures


6.  Toshodaiji Temple                      National Treasures


7.  Heijokyu (Nara Palace Site)       Special Histroic Sites


8.  Kasugayama Primeval Forest    Special Natural Monuments




< Todaiji Temple >





< Kofujikuji Temple >





<Kasuga Taisha >




< Gankoji Temple >




 < Yakushiji Temple >




< Toshodaiji Temple >




< Heijokyu (Imperical Place Site) >




 < Kasuga Yamagen Shirin (Primeval Forest)>




< How do you get Nara? >




< How do you get Nara Park & the historic temples & shrines? >





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