New Discovery in Japan - HYOGO Prefecture in KINKI / KANSAI Region

June 29, 2015

When I think about Hyogo prefecture, I can't miss the most important "National Treasure" in Hyogo, which is the "Himeji" Castle.  


Today, I like to ask you why the "Himeji" Castle was selected as the first World Culture Heritage Site in Japan by UNESCO in 1993, and "Himeji" Castle is only approved by UNESCO among many castles in Japan until today.    What is different from other castles?   What is specific attractions of the "Himeji" castle?  


There is NO official explanation made by any authority so far, however, I think there are some reasons that we can take into consideration, which is purely my personal view.



1. The Size and Scale of the Castle:


- Japan has total 4 Japanese castles designated as a National Treasure by Japanese Governement, i.e., Himeji, Inuyama, Matsumoto and Hikone castles.

- Among 4 castles, the "Himeji" Castle is in the largest size and scale, which others can't compete with.

- If you can have a chance to visit all these 4 castles, I believe you can see differently.



2. The Number of National Treasures and of the Most Important Culture Treasures:


- Compared to other 3 castles, the "Himeji" Castle has so many important treasures approved by the government.

- National Treasures -  Total 4 items  (including the tol donjons)

- The Most Important Culture Treasures - Total 74 items (including external walls, gates and historical items)



3.  The Quality of Maintenance on the Original Castle Construction: 


-  The "Himeji" Castle was well managed to keep the original conditions for more than 400 years period, although minimum level of restoration & repair had been made regularly in the past.

-  Especially the wooden-style castle structure is well aknowledged and appreciated by several international authorities



Please refer to the below maps on the whereabout of the "Himeji" Castle as well as how you can get there.  




< The Beauty of "White Bird" - The Newly-Born Himeji Castle >  





< The Dynamics of the Overall Figure of the Himeji Castle >





< The Hemeij Castle with the Beauty of Cherry Blossoms in Spring >






< The External Walls of The Himeji Castle >




< The "Hishi No Mon" of The Himeji Castle >




< The Historical Corridor of The Himeji Castle >




< Where is Himeji City in Japan? >                      < How do you get Himeji Castle by train? > 























<  How do you understand about the overall structure of the Himeji Castle? > 



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