New Discovery in Japan - FUKUI Prefecture in CHUBU Region

June 22, 2015


There is a headquarter of "Soto Shu" Zen Sector in Fukui prefecture, which is called "EIHEIJI Temple".  "EIHEIJI" Temple was built by Dogen, Buddhism Zen Master, in 1244.   Basically, "EIHEIJI" Temple was founded for a main purpose of training and enlightening Zen monks.   



If you are interested in "experiencing Zen" at a proper training temple, it is recommended to you that "EIHEIJI" Temple be good for you.  2 different types of Zen meditation training courses are available.  For those who just like to feel what "Zen" looks like, you may participate into "San Ro" course (only 1-night stay). If you prefer to having a proper type of Zen meditation training, then, you may consider to take participation for "San Zen" course (3-night stay).  But, you must be serious enough to make a full commitment. 



If you decide to join the "San Zen" course, basically you are put into a similar training course where full-time monk trainees are required to go through.  You are required to get up at 3:30am and follow a daily training guidelines untill you are allowed to sleep at 9:00pm.  What you are required is, just to sit and then continue to sit, which is meant to "make a Zen meditation for your mind-enlightenment.  



During 4-day training course (San Zen), of course, you are not allowed to connect with any external parties. You must shut down with your normal daily life.  In other words, you are fully required to concentrate on the training completely without any disturbance. That's why you have to give up your mobile phone, email, any media entertainment like TV or Internest during the training.  



If you are not seriously enough, it is not recommended to you.  If you really like to find a "different yourself" that you have never known yet, you may start to join a preliminary course (San Ro).  













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