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June 21, 2015


"Kenrokuen" is one of the top 3 greatest Japanese Gardens in Japan.  Other 2 gardens are named "Korakuen" in Okayama city, and "Kairakuen" in Mito city, Ibaragi prefecture.



Why was the garden named as "KEN ROKU EN"?  It is back to the year of 1822, when Sadanobu Matsudaira, who was a master of Okushu Shirakawa Clan, referred o a Chinese Poet, "Li Gei Fei", who had written a book of "Luoyang name Park Ji".



The Poet, "Li Gei Fei", had sung like, "if the garden is built in a large scale, it can't provide people with a a silent and deep feelings.  If the garden is built artificially, it would lose an original maturity or meaing in the nature. Furthermore, if he garden is built with many ponds or falls, then, it would blcok a far view. In other word, each of them could be conflictable, but "Mizuumi-en" would be only the garden having this conflicting "SIX" landscape features".   Sadanobu Matsudaira referred to Li's poem and he wanted to make "Kenroku-en" likewise.



This is the old story on how this garden was named "Ken-Roku-En".  Ken is meant for "having at same time", "Roku" is "Six in number" and "En" is meant for "Garden".  



When you have a chance to visit "Kenrokuen" in Kanazawa, it would provide you with more sensible comprehension and feeling, if you understand and remember this old story of the original naming.  You can see and enjoy more in Kenrokuen. 



< Kenrokuen in Spring >















< Kenrokuen in Summer >
















< Kenrokuen in Autiumn >















< Kenrokuen in Winter >























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