New Discovery in Japan - TOYAMA Prefecture (1) in CHUBU Region

June 20, 2015


It is obvious that Mt. Tate is the symbol as the great mountain to represent the entire of Tateyama Mountain Ranges.   Tateyama Mountain Ranges consists of several famous & high mountains as a part of Japan North Apls.


1. Mt. Tate          3,015m       Selected among the Top 100 famous montains in Japan

2. Mt. Tsurugi     2,999m       Same as above

3. Mt. Yakushi    2,926m       Same as above

4. Mt. Bessan     2,880m    

5. Mt. Ryuo        2,872m

6. Mt. Akaushi    2,864m

7. Mt. Harinoki    2,821m


If you have a chance to look up Tateyama Mountain Ranges from Toyama coastal side, you can have the best and great picture of the overall figures of Tateyama Mountain Ranges.



There is one famous water falls, "Shomyo Taki", which has the highest water drop gap (350m) in Japan. You should be impressed with the dynamics of the number 1 water falls in Japan.



Another great scenic place is "Kurobe Dam", which is highly reputated as one of the largest dams in Japan. The construction conditions of Kurobe Dam was so challenging during the period of 1956 -1963 in term of the size of Dam at highland place and climate conditions as well as tough-condition logistics.  In fact, there were many workers who had lost their lives during the long construction period.



Tateyama has a very unique road, of which snow wall can be as high as 20m and as long as 400m, at the highland level of 2,400m.  It is called "Tateyama's Big Snowing Valley", where you can get there by several transport methods like mountain train, a cable-car and then tour bus. 



Finally, you can't miss a nice view spot in Kurobe, which is called "Kurobe Valley" that you can take a mountain train from Unazuki Onsen station.  Especially in Autumn season, you can really enjoy a very colourful scenery in the natures.  I have been Kurobe Valley twice before, and I stayed at an Unazuki Onsen Inn, where I could rest very peacefully in a quiet & small hot-spring village.   This is my highly recommended place for your holidays in Japan in Autumn.



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