New Discovery in Japan - NIIGATA Prefecture in CHUBU Region

June 19, 2015


I feel that Niigata prefecture has more scenic view spots on cherry blossom in Spring season, compared to other prefectures. 


Today, I just like to pick up and introduce about several popular view places on cherry blossom in Niigata prefecture.  


a) Takada Park - One of the top 3 best sakura view places in Japan.  It is really well known to everyone.


b) Nagako - Not at all popular for cherry blossom view spot last time.  It became popular after one cameraman took a nice photo as if sakura trees were floating in the lake.


c) Zenibuchi Park - Nice "shidare zakura" trees in the centre of the park


d) Akiba Park - Beautiful sakura trees along the river


e) Biyama Park - A nice contrast and coordination in colours between pinky cherry blossom and green lawn


f) Kajigawa Tsutsumi - A splendid archade-shape lane under the cherry blossom trees


g) Masumura Park - Another nice-sharpe sakura lane


h) Nogawa Central Park - A good combination with cherry blossoms and pond / bridge


i) Shirayama Park - Picky and amazing cherry blossom colour being impressed


j) Shibata Park - A good-looking Shibata Castle with cherry blossoms 


k) Yasuragi Tsutsumi Park - Another harmonious cherry blossom trees along the river


l) Koide Park - A silent scenery with pond and cherrry blossom  





         < Takada Park Sakura >                                       < Takada Park Sakura >                                              < Nagako Sakura >

















                       < Nagako Sakura >                                           < Zeni Buchi Park Sakura >                                         < Junsai Ike Sakura >

















         < Akiba Park Sakura >                                       < Biyama Park Sakura >                                                 < Kajigawa Tsutsumi Sakura >


















         < Matsumura Park Sakura >                             < Nozawa Central Park Sakura >                                     < Shirayama Park Sakura >  


















        < Shibata Park Sakura >                                   < Yasuragi Tsutsumi Park Sakura >                                  < Koide Park Sakura >

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