New Discovery in Japan - GIFU Prefecture (2) in CHUBU Region

June 18, 2015


Shirakawago was officially designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995.  This small old village is very quiet and peaceful surrounded by plentiful natures, mountains, river and forests.  When you try to listen to the sounds of natures, you can enjoy bird's sound as well as a small reiver stream's sound nearby.



In Spring, you can have a nicely far view with cherry blossom in the background of Japan North Apls mountains.  


In Summer, you can appreciate a fresh air from the mountains as well as green trees and forests


In Autumn, you can enjoy very colourful leave changes near the old village and hilghland side.


In Winter, you feel like "fairy-tale" world, when you view a white-carpet over the old village fully covered with snows.  In particular in the evening and at night, you should feel like as if you were in a diferent world.



Currently Shirakawago has 114 thatched houses with steep raftered roofs which look like a pair of hands held together in prayer.   The upper-side roof area has two stories and were used to making silk-worms to mae silk, which was the main income for the villagers last time.  



Each house is normally suppliemented or repaired every 30 - 40 years to maintain the original traditions of the hatched house style.  It is said that 100 villagers come and help each other to repair and maintain every houses  all the time.














































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