New Discovery in Japan - GIFU Prefecture (1) in CHUBU Region

June 18, 2015


Takayama Old Town has rich cultures and traditions. If you have not yet visited there, you might consider into your next trip.    Takayama has been named as a "little Kyoto" in Hida area, since there still remain old shop houses and warehouses on Takayama's old town streets.



The original meaning of Takayama is "High Mountain" in Japanese.  In fact, Takayama is located just near the Japan North Alps moutain belt with some 3,000m high mountains such as Yarigatake, Hotakedake, Yakedake, Norikuradake, across 3 different prefectures, i.e., Gifu, Nagano and Toyama.  They are a part of Chubu Mountain National Park.  



Takayama used to be under the direct control of Tokugawa-Shogun government during the EDO period. That's partly why the old town could keep rich and traditional cutures.  Takayama Jinya used to be the administrative local office of Tokugawa-Shogun government in Takayama last time.  



Takayama is well known that they have 2 major festivals in Spring (in April) and Autumn (in October).  The Spring Festival is called "SAN NO MATSURI" to worship for HIE Shrine, while Autumn Festival is called "HACHIMAN MATSURI" to worship for Sakurayama Hachi Mangu.  



In term of logistic, my recommended transporation routes are as below.


1. By JR Train from Tokyo: 


Take the JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya (about 2 hours) and transfer to the JR Hida limited express train to Takayama (about 2 hours).  The entire one way journey takes about 4.5 hours and costs Yen14,000.


2. By Highway Bus:


There are six daytime highway bus round trips per day between Tokyo (Keio Highway Bus Terminal in Shinjuku) and Takayama operated by Keio and Nohi Bus. The one way trip takes 5.5 hours and costs Yen6,690.









































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