New Discovery in Japan - AICHI Prefecture in CHUBU Region

June 17, 2015


Today I like to talk about Japanse Castles in my blog.  



There had been more than 170 castles in Japan until Edo Period, however, the most of the castles had been destroyed or dismentled by either Samurai wars or natural disasters or World War II.  In Japan, there only remains 12 castles, of which original "Donjon" part had been built before Edo Period.  


1. HIrosaki Castle                    Aomori prefecture

2. Matsumoto Castle               Nagano

3. Maruoka Castle                   Fukui

4. Inuyama Castle                   Aichi

5. Hikone Castle                      Shiga

6. Himeji Castle                       Hyogo

7. Bicchu-Matsuyama Castle  Okayama

8. Matsue Castle                     Shimane

9. Marukame Castle                Kagawa

10. Kochi Castle                      Kochi

11. Matsuyama Castle            Ehime

12. Uwajima Castle                 Ehime



Among those 12 casltes, Inuyama Castle are one of only 4 castles officially designated as a National Treasure in Japan.   Those "National-Treasure" castles are: - 


- Matsumoto Castle              Nagano prefecture

- Hikone Castle                     Shiga 

- Himeji Castle                      Hyogo

- Inuyama Castle                  Aichi


Lastly, Himeji Castle was only registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.



Other well-known castles in Japan are: - 


- Edo Castle                        Tokyo

- Nagoya Castle                  Aichi

- Osaka Castle                    Osaka

- Kumamoto Castle             Kumamoto 

- Nijo Castle                        Kyoto

- Shuri Castle                      Okinawa



If you are interested in those castles in Japan, you may selectively visit them and make comparision among them.  Some were built on flat field, while some were built on the hill-top.  Different casltes have different history backgrounds and situations.  















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