New Discovery in Japan - NAGANO Prefecture in CHUBU Region

June 16, 2015


Kamikochi is really a great scenic place in the middle of high mountains in Japan Central Apls chains.  I believe that Kamikochi is known among specific moutain climbers or hikers from overseas countries,  however, it is not yet popular to normal foreign tourists today.



Kamikochi is a part of Central Mountain National Park and is located at 1,500m high.  There are still a lot of wild animals, plants and fishes living and they are well protected by the National Park organisation.   Kamikochi has a few nice ponds surrounding there, e.g., Taisho Ike, Myojin Ike, Tashiro Ike.  The great stream of the River "AZUSA" makes visitors felt differently in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter respectively.



The view from the River "Azusa" over "Hodaka Mountain chains" is so beautiful and amazing to all the visitors to Kamikochi.  The name of bridge is called "Kappa-bashi", where a lot of tourists try to go and look up the "Hodaka mountains".  Of course, they never miss to take great photo shooting on themselves in the background of outstanding mountains.



I just like to let you know that the logistic is not easy and simple.  Only a few ways to go to Kamikochi either from Matsumoto, Nagaon prefecture or from Takayama, Gifu prefecture.   Another way is to take a tour bus from Tokyo or Osaka on a long-distance trip.  



I also need to give you some cautions that Kamikochi is on highland place, thus, the tempurature is quite different from citie areas.    For an instance, the average tempurature in summer is less than 20 degree, while the average tempureature in winter is minus 8 degree.  Therefore, you must bring sufficient warm clothes with you regardless of seasons.  In addition, you must remember that the weather at Kamikochi could easily change due to high mountain climate.  If you are a first traveler to Kamikochi, I suggest that you go there from late spring to late summer (from mid May to early September).



Lastly, please also take note that the mountain view is all subject to the weather conditions.  Hence, it is not guaranteed to you for such a nice scenic view every time.   Please make a good planning!!














































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