New Discovery in Japan - The Southern Area of HOKKAIDO

June 11, 2015


If you like to see a beautiful lanvender field in Hokkaido, it is definite that you should visit FURANO.  It is located almost in the southern area of Hokkaido.  There is a well-known lavender farm, which is called "FARM TOMITA" in FURANO.



FARM TOMITA is one of the largest size of folower farms in Hokkaido and you should be very impressed with the dynamics of the field size and flower's colouful combination.   



The best seasons that you should plan to visit is between May to September.  The basic understanding on Hokkaido seasons is: - 


- Spring        Mid/April  -  Mid/June

- Summer     End/June -  Early/August

- Autumn      Mid/August  -  Mid/October

- Winter        End/October  -  Early/April   



The farm provides visitors with lavender & melon soft ice cream!, which are very fresh and delicious   They also serve other delicious desserts such as lavender cake, lavender cream puff, lavender jelly, lavender pudding, melon buns, cheese and others.



I think you are satisfied with very beautiful flower presentation in the filed as well as fresh desserts & drinks. Definitely you should include FURANO visit into your holiday plan in Hokkaido.



































































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