New Discovery in Japan - YAMAGATA Prefecture in TOHOKU Region

June 8, 2015


When I talk about ZAO in Yamagata, I can't miss a very unique nature's phenomenon under severe winter weather conditions. During the winter season, it actually creates a very unusual nature's arts shown on the photos.  People call it "JUHYO", which is like "Iced" or "Snowing" Monsters.  



During Jan to Feb, the outside temparatue at Zao is about below minus 10 degrees, and the wind speed is about 10 meters per second.   Given a certain conditions with strong winds from Siberia, Rossia as well as very cold snow tempurature during the winter time, such "Iced or Snowing monsters" can be created in the forests at ZAO Ski mountain resort area.    



The very unique nature's phenomenon can be seen from Dec to Feb every year.  The "JUHYO" normally starts "icing" in Dec, starts "growing" in Jan, becomes "fully matured" in Feb and then starts "melting" in Mar.



If you like to enjoy your observation for "JUHYO" at ZAO ONSEN, I like to suggest that you take a cable-car, ski down and go up to the hilltop platform for panorama viewing.   In addition, you can also enjoy a very colourful presentation by light-up at night.   You can't miss this unusual experince in Yamagata, when you have a chance to travel to TOHOKU region. 



ZAO cable-car information for you is: - 


- Link:              (only available in Japanese site)

- Contact Tel           023-694-9518

- Round-trip:           Yen2,600

- Operation hours:  8:00am - 5:00pm






















































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