New Discovery in Japan - AOMORI Prefecture in TOHOKU Region

June 7, 2015

Do you know where Oma in Aomori prefecture is located?   It is really the most north point of HONSHU Island in Japan, where it is just closer to Hakodate city in Hokkaido.  Oma stands at a good advantageous location for tuna fish port in Japan.


Why is "Oma's MAGURO so popular and good?


Fishermen here call it “black gold,” referring to the dark red flesh of the Pacific bluefin tuna that is so prized in this sashimi-loving nation that just one of these sleek fish, which can weigh a half-ton, can earn tens of thousands of dollars.


The best part of Oma tuna is its perfect balance of fat. The Oma tuna swims in the Tsugaru channel, where the currents of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan join, the fish mainly prey on squid and fatty saury.


This gives the tuna just the right amount of fat. Blue-fin tuna are said to swim as fast as 90 km/hour to maintain their body temperature in the cold northern ocean. The Oma tuna is a favorite for sashimi (sliced raw fish), with delectable red meat. The best season for Oma tuna is from fall to New Year, during the coldest season.


Once a large-size of Tuna fish is captured by any Oma's fishermen, it is normally transported to Tsukiji fish market in a non-frozen condition to quickly sell at the best quality and price.  There are only a limited fishing ports in Japan where raw-condition tuna fishes are transferred to Tsukiji fish market such as Oma in Aomori prefecture and Katsuura in Wakayama prefecture.  That's why such a raw-condition tuna fish is considered so precious and valueable for tuna fish lovers.






























































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