New Discovery in Japan - IWATE Prefecture (1) in TOHOKU Region

June 6, 2015


When I pick up IWATE prefecture, I can't forget about "HIRAIZUMI" and "CHUSON-JI", which is one of the great WORLD HERITAGE Sites in Japan, designated by UNESCO in 2011.



The "CHUSON-JI" was built in the 12th century by the Fujiwara clan, which had controlled "OUSHU" region.  The famous "KONJIKIDO (the Golden Hall) is covered with gold, not only on the inside and outside of the building but also in the form of its main image, "AMIDA BUDDHA".  The "CHUSON-JI" was built to comfort and respect the souls of those killed solders during the SAMURAI wars in the 11th century.



As per the attached photos, you may see differently the image on the "CHUSONJI Temple" in different seasons, i.e., Spring & Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Its each image is equally so beautiful and amazing to hit anyone's heart.


In autumn season, it is really an unbelievable nature's beauty shown with so colourful paintings in the scenery.  If you have a chance to visit there in different seasons, you would definitely enjoy your holidays in HIRAIZUMI.  Please don't forget the place and miss the great opportunity.


















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