New Discovery in Japan - MIYAGI Prefecture (1) in TOHOKU Region

June 5, 2015


Matsushima is one of the 3 most beautiful view spots in Japan other than Amano-Hashidate in Kyoto and Miyajima in Hiroshima.  Matsushima has been so famous for a sightseeing place in Tohoku region.



Even though I am talking about Matsushima, there are many ways to appreciate the view from different locations in Matsushima.  Firstly, "Matsu" means a pine tree and "Shima" means an island.  Thus, to combine together, Matsushima is meant for Pine-tree Islands.  



I strongly suggest that you try to visit Matsushima and Sendai city to enjoy a lot of nice sightseeing places, which make you very peaceful and relaxed by sitting at Japanese Tea Houses and have a nice viewing at Matsushima Bay at a sunrise or sunset.





The View from Shidaikan:




The meaning of "Shidaikan" is that it can be seen from 4 different and in a huge view.  It is directly saying that you can have an enitre paranoma view for the overall Matsuhima islands from this palce, "Shidaikan".  You can't imagine that there are more than 200 islands in Matsuhiba Bay.













The View from Otakamori:




The land height of Otakamori is abour 106 meter. If you see Matsushima islands, you can see the bay so dynamically, while such narrow gaps between small islands looks like femine.  It is a kiind of contrast of different images that you can have, when you look at Matsuhima islands from Otakamori.












The View from Tomiyama:


The land height of Tomiyama is approx. 116 meter from sea level. In general, the view from this location gives you much quieter and more peaceful feelings on Matsushima bay.  At least, you are able to see Matsushima bay in 270 degree view direction from this location.   In Meiji period, it is also well known that Meiji Emperior had ever visited this place for the nicest view location.














The View from Ogidani:




If you stand at Ogidani and see from there, you may feel the shape of the bay looks like "paper-type manual fan".  The land height is almost same as Tamonza on 56 meter.  There is a nice Japanese Tea House which serves customers comfortably and provide them with Japanese sweets together with a green team in front of Matsushima Bay. 














The View from Tamonzan:



Tamonzan is located on 56meter height.  The impression for the view from this location gives you greater emphasis on the ocean dynamics from Pacific Sea.  In particular, you can observe much stronger sea waves going and coming back all the time.











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