New Discovery in Japan - FUKUSHIMA Prefecture in TOHOKU Region

June 4, 2015


There is a very famous moutain "Mt. Bandai"  near the "Inawashiro Lake" in Fukushima prefecture.   It is also classified as a precious mountain in Japan as to how Mt. Bandai had been originally created, erupted and re-created in the history.  


The name “Mt. Bandai” is used to refer to the main peak “Bandai” and several other peaks including Akahani (1,430m) and Kushigamine (1,636m). Mt. Bandai, including the Bandai heights, belongs to the "Bandai Asahi National Park".  Mt. Bandai was originally called “Iwahashi-yama” which means “a rock ladder to the sky.” The south foot is called "Omote-Bandai" and the north foot is called "Ura-Bandai".  When seen from "Omote-Bandai", the mountain looks very tidy, but when viewed from "Ura-Bandai" the mountain shows a wild shape, due to its collapse. In 2007, Mt. Bandai was selected as one of the top 100 geographic landmarks in Japan. Additionally, in 2011 the mountain was certified as a "Geopark" of Japan.


The "Enichi" Temple, located on the south-western foot of Mt. Bandai is surrounded by mountains where people come to worship; Mt. Bandai (north east to the temple), Mt. Mayadake (north to the temple), and Mt. Azuma (north to Mt. Bandai). The temple has served a central role in mountain worship because of its location. The Enichi Temple was founded in 807 A.D., one year after Mt. Bandai erupted. Some people think that there is a connection between the eruption and the foundation of the Enichi Temple. Several routes for visiting Azumayama Shrine have been established, all originating from the main temple of the Enichi shrine.





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