New Discovery in Japan - "TOCHIGI" Prefecture in Kanto Region

June 3, 2015


Since I introduce about Kegon No Taiki, today I would like to explain about top 3 great waterfalls in Japan, which are well reputated in Japan as well as in the world.


a)  Kegon No Taki        at Nikko, Tochigi prefecture


b)  Nachi No Taki          at Kumano, Wakayama prefecture


c)  Fukuroda No Taki    at Kuji, Ibaraki prefecture




Kegon No Taki (Kegon Waterfalls) is located at Lake Chuzenji (source of the Oshiri River) in NikkoNational Park in the city of Nikko,Tochigi Prefecture.  The falls were formed when the Daiya River was rerouted by lava flows. About twelve smaller waterfalls are situated behind and to the sides of Kegon Falls, leaking through the many cracks between the mountain and the lava flows. 
At 97 m high, it is one of Japan's three highest waterfalls. In the autumn, the traffic on the road from Nikko to Chūzenji can sometimes slow to a crawl as visitors come to see the fall colors. 









Nachi No Taki (Nachi waterfalls) is one of the three major watrfalls as well as Kegon and Fukuroda in Japan. Nachi is located in southern Wakayama prefecture. It is also chosen as 100 best Japanese waterfalls. The height of the falls is 133m and the width is 13m. As a single straight falls, Nachi Falls is the highest waterfalls in Japan. It has been respected as the sacred waterfalls by many people. Today, it is registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. 













Fukuroda No Taki (Fukuroda waterfalls) is one of the three great falls in Japan, and also one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan. It is located at Fukuroda, Ibaraki prefecture. It is the most favorite waterfalls in Japan. It is 73m width and 120m high, 4 steps falls. In the winter, the fall will be frozen up, and at fall, you can see great autumn color around the fall. You have visit four times to see all faces of this beautiful fall. 













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