New Discovery in Japan - "SAITAMA" (2) in Kanto Region

May 31, 2015


"KAWAGOE" is called as "SHO-EDO", which stands for "Little Edo" in English.  "KAWAGOE" is one of exceptional places in Kanto region, which has been well maintained as an old and traditional town.  


Back to the history on Kawagoe, it must be really back to the old ancient time like more than 2,000 - 3,000 years ago.  Kawagoe had been identified as a part of "MUSASHINO HILL" in Kanto region at that time.  


Jumping to "SENGOKU" (Warrior country) Periods, Kawagoe had been controlled as a main location for oveall "MUSASHINO" area by many Samurai-Shoguns in consecutive periods.  After TOKUGAWA-Shogun opened an EDO Castle in Tokyo in the year 1600, Kawagoe had been identified as one of very important fortress locations for TAKUGAWA government in Edo.   


If you walk around inside Kawagoe, you can still feel a traditional atmosphere by old town & house struture. You can enjoy some of main attractions on Kawagoe, which are 


1. Old & Traditional Town & Streets

2. Historical Museum & Art Gallery

3. Kawagoe Daishi (Kawagoe Shrine)

4. Kawagoe Old Shopping Streets


Lastly, Kawagoe also provides lady tourists with a rare opportunity to make them become a Japanese KIMONO lady with a proper make-up and take professional photo-shooting for them as well as allow them to walk around the old & traditional Kawagoe town.  Ladies, why not try it out at Kawagoe? 



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