New Discovery in Japan - "SAITAMA" (1) in Kanto Region

May 31, 2015

In Japan, there is a high dependency on public transportation for people on a daily basis due to a bad traffic conditions on the roads in many cities.   In particular, when working people go to offices in the morning and go home in the evening,  they normally use trains and buses which are well establised in the main cities today. 


Japan's total population is approximately 130 millions people, while Tokyo itself is 13 million, which is accounted for 10%.  In case that other 3 prefectures (Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama) are included, it becomes much a higher ratio.


- Tokyo         13 million people

- Kanagawa    9

- Saitama        7

- Chiba            6


Sub Total      35 millions  


The combined figure becomes approximately 27% over Japan's total population.  These are really scaring numbers that we can clearly see that people continue to move into "Tokyo Capital Area" from other prefectures.  You can imagine how this trend is continuing, while Japan's current fertility rate has been decreasing every year.  On the other hand, it means that a continuous decrease in the populations at suburb side of Japan.


Having said that, the congestion on public transporation has worsen in the major cities.  Japanese government is trying to encourage many companies to implement the Flex-time working guidelines.


One of the interesting implementation by JR (Japanese Railway) company is to provide lady workers with "Women-Special-Car" in a certain peak time in the mornings and evenings.  In this case, of course, only women passagers are allowed to during the designated time period every day.






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