New Discovery in Japan - "KANAGAWA" (2) in Kanto Region

May 30, 2015


I have tried to find a chance to explain to people in foreign countries about individual parts of a whole fish of "MAGURO".   Nowdays some common Japanese words related to Tuna Fish have already become to universal languages, e.g., "MAGURO" is one of good examples.  Furthermore, "Chu-Toro" and "O-Toro" are to represent such fatty fish parts, well known to foreigners.  


However, I am not sure how many people understands exactly where those tuna fish parts are.  Today, I try to summarize them and to explain once and for all.  You can refer to my explanation as below.  


1. Akami:     


-  Its colour is Red, thus, it is called as "Akami", which is meant for "Red Part" in Japanese.

-  Mostly, Akami is the top part of Tuna fish as well as the bottom part closer to its tail.

-  Those parts have a lesser-fatty fish meats.


2. Chu-Toro:      


- It is called as a midium-fatty part of Tuna fish, and "Chu" is meant for "midium", while Toro stands for "fatty part".

- Chu-Toro is the middle of the adomen part of Tuna fish.


3. O-Toro:


- It is called as very fatty part of Tuna fish, and "O" is meant for large or big,  which is indirectly translated more into a superior-quality part of Tuna fish as an emphasis.

- O-Toro is also the adomen part of Tuna fish, but much closer to the neck (Kama in Japanese).

- Only a small area of O-Toro can be obtained from a whole Tuna fish, thus, it becomes very expensive


4. Kama:


- Kama is meant for Neck in Japanese.

- Kama is also considered as a good fatty part of Tuna fish, which is suitable for babeque


5. Hoho:


- Hoho is meant for Cheeks

- Cheeks are also well known to taste a good quality of Tuna fish part.


6. Kashira:  


- Kashira is meant for a fish head.

- The fish head is always a good part of Tuna fish to enjoy a dynamics of a large size of Tuna fish

- Head is suitable to be cooked as "Kabuto-Ni" which is meant to cooked with soya-sauce & bonito-soup base for long hours.


I wanted to explain to you on how you can enjoy Sushi.  However, due to a limited writing space, I will try to find a next chance to talk about it in the future.





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