New Discovery in Japan - "TOKYO" in Kanto Region

May 28, 2015


The first prefecture that I kicked off my introduction is Tokyo.  When you hear about Tokyo, I guess that the most of people may have a certain same image on Tokyo, like a "large business and commercial district" or a "very busy city where people tend to rush".   I think it is a normal impression on Tokyo.


Instead, I like to introduce to you that Tokyo also has a rich and plenty of natural and greenery areas in the western part of Tokyo.  In general, Tokyo is geographically split into 2 major areas, of which city area consists of total 23 disctricts and then a large portion of its suburb area.   As an actual fact, you might be surprised that Tokyo Capcital also has several small islands in the sourthen ocean direction from Tokyo Bay, which are called "Izu Islands group" as well as "Ogasawara Islands group".  


Today, I want to introduce to you about "OKUTAMA" suburb area, which has an plentiful natural resources around LAKE "OKUTAMA", where it takes 1.5 to 2.0-hour train ride from the centre of Tokyo.  You can enjoy very colourful sceneries with Cherry Blossoms in the spring, while you can also enjoy "Autumn Leave" view in the autumn season.



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