New Discovery in Japan - KANTO region (1)

May 28, 2015

I would like to start the new theme today for the next 1.5 months.  


I don't know how many percent of tourists from foreign countries are familiar with Japan geography.  I will talk about individual prefectures by region in Japan and try to introduce to overseas tourists about a certain characteristic information related to each prefecture.   It is unfortunate that at many cases many tourists from overseas countries tend to visit only popular cities or places such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hokkaido.


Firstly, do you know how many regions are there in Japan today.  


     Regions                Prefectures

a)  KANTO   1) Tokyo, 2) Kanagawa, 3) Chiba, 4) Saitama, 5) Ibaragi, 6) Tochigi, 7) Gunma

b)  Kansai    1) Osaka,  2) Kyoto,  3) Hyogo,  4) Shiga,  5) Wakayama,  6) Nara,  7) Mie

c)  Tohoku   1) Fukushima, 2) Miyagi, 3) Iwate, 4) Aomori, 5) Yamagata, 6) Akita, 7) Niigata

d)  Chubu    1) Aichi, 2) Shizuoka, 3) Namanashi, 4) Nagano, 5) Gifu, 6) Toyama, 7) Ishikawa, 8) Fukui

e)  Chugoku 1) Okayama, 2) Hiroshima, 3) Yamaguchi, 4) Tottori, 5) Shimane

f)  Shikoku   1) Kagawa, 2) Tokushima, 3) Ehime, 4) Kochi

g)  Kyushu   1) Fukuoka, 2) Saga, 3) Oita, 4) Nagasaki, 5) Kumamoto, 6) Miyazaki, 7) Kagoshima

h)  Others    1) Hokkaido,  2)  Okinawa 


With the above explanation, there are:-


- Total 7 regions except for Hokkaido and Okinawa, which stand alone respectively

- Total 47 prefectures 


For the opening session, I start to introduce to you about KANTO region at first.  If you see the below map, you can understand where KANTO region (in red colour) is located in Japan.  Secondly, you can also understand how individual prefectures are located inside KANTO region as below.  The below is the comparison data on KANTO region' over total Japan.


                                      Japan                   Kanto region

Geographic Area           337,962 sq km     32,424 sq km

Populations                   126,534,000         42,598,300

Population Density        337 / sq km          1,314 / sq km


(Source;  Japan Statistic Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)



Tomorrow I will pick up Tokyo as a first prefecture, which is the capital of Japan.



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