J-BOND Team Trip - 14th day in Japan

May 25, 2015



The team stayed in Osaka and went to view Osaka Castle.   


Today I like to talk about Japanese Castles.  The most of the castles in Japan had been built during the Warrior Period, before "TUKUGAWA" Shogun built "EDO" government, which had last for total 400 years, before "MEIJI" period begun.  


Furthermore, the most of the castles in Japan had been burnt down during the Warrior Period, and had been re-built or estored repeatedly at later periods.


Osaka Castle is not an excpetional case and it had been also restored several times from Warrior Period to Tokugawa-Shogun Time.   Originally Osaka Castle was built during "Azuchi-Momoyama Period" in the 17th century and it had been burnt down a few times and finally re-built by Tokugawa-Shogun during "Edo Period".  


It is well known that Osaka Castle is one of the most three famous castles in Japan, other than "HIMEJI" (in Hyogo prefercture) and "KUMAMOTO" (in Kumamoto prefecture) Castles in Japan.





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