J-BOND Team Trip - 11th day in Japan (1)

May 20, 2015


I like to talk about pavement style available at many Kyoto temples, which are mainly created wtih green trees as well as gravels.  Gravels are normally made with small stones and pebbles, or the mixed these with sands.  


When you visit Kyoto temples in warm or hot seasons, you feel cooling while you walk into temples and even go out to gardens.  It is not only a lot of greenery sorrounding there, but also gravels or pebbles on the surface of pavement in the temples in Kyoto.


Gravels can also give you further feelngs with a certain sound and footstep, while you are making a walk around in the garden.  We, who get used to be with our modern life style, tend to miss such different feelings given.


The below pictures were taken by J-BOND team at the backyard garden of "RYOAN-JI".  The contrast of green and grey colours gave them some rest and peace in life, while they have a hectic living situation & life in Singaproe.   I hope this experience remind them in the future. 





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