J-BOND Team Trip - 10th day in Japan (2)

May 19, 2015


The ancient, UNESCO World Heritage site of "Fushimi-Inari-Taisha" is a “must-go” for anyone visting in Kyoto.  People come to pray at this Shrine for success in business, good luck and better skills.



The trails ("tunnels") under hundreds of Torii (sacred Shinto gates) that make your walk very special. Each of these Torii has been donated by Shinto's worshippers, in fact, on the back of each of them you can find writings indicating the name and the date of donation.



The track length is about 4km, which reaches the top of the mountain where a shrine is located.  If you want to explore all the tracks, there could be about 10km of track to explore. If you’re feeling unfit, there are much shorter routes along the path – for example, you can get to the lookout in 30 minutes and then take an alternative route back down the mountain to the main complex.






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