J-BOND Team Trip - 10th day in Japan (1)

May 19, 2015


The team went to Ryoan-Ji and get a good experience in making their meditation near the garden. 


Visitors are not allowed to enter the rock garden, and instead they contemplate it from a wood viewing platform. It is said that the shape and placement of the garden’s 15 rocks are to inspire a spiritual as well as sensory journey. The gravel is raked daily in a precise pattern by the temple.


Do you know about "Wabi", which is called for a very traditional Japanese art's value?   In the 16th century, "Sen-no-Rikyu", a greatest Tea Master, have perfected the art of tea ceremony.  He created an original value of tea rooms with ornaments and utensils suited to his taste in "Wabi".  "Wabi" has such an expression for a state of calm, quiet subtlety which avoid being gaudy or showy.   In other word, simplicity in the life is the best beauty of art advocated by "Sen-no-Rikyu".  


You may see and feel "Wabi" from a famour Rock Garden & a small backyard garden in Ryoan-Ji.





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