J-BOND Team Trip - 7th day in Japan (1)

May 16, 2015

The team spent a few hours in Shirakawago Old Village yesterday.  Shirakawago is one of 18 Japan UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan.  


Spreading along a small River Sho in the deep mountains in Gifu prefecture, Shirakawago is a histroic village, where unique traditional farmhouses survice.  Built in the architectural style called "Gassho-zukuri", these houses are characterised by steep-pitched thatched roofs, which are designed to shed heavy snow in this region.  


Designated as a World Heritage site in 1995, the village is an outstanding example of a traditional way of life perfectly adapted to the cold environment.  Originally those thatched-roof-houses had been used for making sericulture in this farming village in olden days.  


You may enjoy such a country-side atmosphere surrounding a lot of natures like mountains, rice fields, forests and a small river.  It is nice to be there in spring for cherry blossom, in autumn for autumn leave change and in winter for all snowing decoration.



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