J-BOND Team Trip - 6th day in Japan (2)

May 15, 2015


The team walked around Hida-Takayama Old Town for sightseeing.  Hida-Takayama has been preserved as old merchant town since Edo period.  In other word, it is called as a small Kyoto.  There are still many traditional houses maintained well, some of which were converted to restaurants there.


Hida-Takayama was recently introduced to other countries by foreign travellers, therefore, many tourists from overseas came and visited Hida-Takayama Old Town.  Some of them also go to Shirakawago or Kamikochi via Hida-Takayama.  


With more foreign travellers,  some unique restaurants such as "Center4 Hamburgers" have become more popular to make them more comfortable & relaxed while they are traveling through Japan.























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