J-BOND Team Trip - 5th day in Japan (3)

May 14, 2015

I like to introduce the last dish in HIDA-BEEF, which is really superb cuisine.  It's "HIDA-BEEF" Nigiri-Sushi. You can only try to taste it at local places like Takayama, in term of quality and freshness in Beef.  


The team also wanted to try out "HIDA-BEEF" Nigiri-Sushi in Takayama, and they managed to find a good place and got it.  Can you really look at the photo here!!  It can been seen a marvellously high quality of "HIDA-BEEF".  


Normally the restaurants in Takayama serves you "HIDA-BEEF" Nigiri Sushi in a few different style.


a)  100% Raw Beef

b)  Half-Grilled on the Beef Surface

c)  Ginger-seasoning


The standard price for 4-piece of "HIDA-BEEF" Nigiri Sushi is approximately Yen1,200 (US$10.00).  You may try it out at restaurants in Takayama old town. 





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