J-BOND Team Trip - 4th day in Japan (2)

May 13, 2015

In ancient days in Japan, the most of moutains had been considered that the God was living there. In particular, Mt. Fuji was regarded as a specially spiritual mountain as it is the highest mountain in Japan with 3,776m height  Approximately 1,300 yeas ago, this "Fui Sengen Jinja" was built after Mt. Fuji had erupted.  


Mt. Fuji is still an active-vocano mountain, and its last eruption took place in 1707. The name of "Fuji" is meant for fire mountain as well as immortality.


Yesterday J-BOND team walked through a huge "Trii" (Shrine's Gate in Red Colour) and proceeded to reach "Hondo" (main hall).  All the shrines in Japan has both "Trii" and "Hondo".  


This is how people visit shrines to respect Japanese Shinto.  Japanese Shinto is an indigenous religion based on the worship of nature. It has no founder, no dogma, no scripture and the most important concept is purity.  




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