J-BOND Team Trip - 4th day in Japan (1)

May 13, 2015

J-BOND team had earlier wanted to go to Hakone and see Mt. Fuji from there.  Due to the latest increased vocano activity at Hakone, Instead, I suggested that they go to Lake Yamanaka or Lake Kawaguchi, much nearer to Mt. Fuji than Hakone.  There are total 5 famous lakes surrounding Mt. Fuji, 1) Lake Kawaguchi, 2) Lake Yamanaka, 3) Lake Motosu, 4) Lake Shoji and 5) Lake Sai.  The transportation is challenging to the team, as the going-&-returning trip takes 5 hours from the centre of Tokyo.  The team took the highway coach very early morning (7am) and then return to Shinjuku late night yesterday.


They got down the highway bus at Fujiyoshida and switched to a local shuttle bus service.  They purchased the local bus package that they were allowed to get off and get on a bus at any places and at any time. They visited some nice sightseeing places there, in spite of cloudy sky due to a recent typhoon.  


1.  Fuji Sengen Jinja (Shrine):   http://sengenjinja.jp/english/index.html


2.  Oshino :   http://oshino.jp.e.nz.hp.transer.com/


3.  Fuji Paranoma Dai:   http://www.lonelyplanet.com/japan/west-of-tokyo/fuji-go-ko/activities/hiking-trekking/panorama-dai


4.  Lake Yamanaka Flower Park:  http://www.hananomiyakokouen.jp/





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